A beautiful work of art can unfold the elements of human values. It may raise many a questions in your mind about different issues, which until now were never present. Beautiful art may be intricate and inspiring at the same time. History has witnessed the rise of revolutions inspired by messages conveyed through art. A piece of an appealing art can stop you from going further but appreciate it. If you have ever been to an art gallery or an exhibition, you must have experience that an intriguing work of art immediately catches your attention and makes your imagination overcome the material state of the mind.

Raising awareness through art

A meaningful work of art may relate to your emotions. Hence, the incorporation of art to raise social awareness is attaining such heightened levels of popularity. A strong message through the works of art may create an emotional experience. And the emotions are relived every time you encounter that work of art. Many artists can tell a story through their art. A well-defined work of art can counter your negative thoughts and inculcate an element of truthfulness in your thoughts. However, as an artist you must rise above the commercial aspect of art and instill thoughtfulness for a better world.

Art as a fundraiser

Art can prove to be a great fundraiser for charity programs. The Nelson Mandela Day celebrations are incorporating the use of eminent work of arts by renowned artists from every part of the world. Live art demonstrations have been included in the events for Nelson Mandela Day celebrations to raise funds as well as creating public awareness regarding poverty, injustice, and other social evils. Many of the artists have centered their art on the single motive of creating awareness for the spread of peace and curbing of violence from the society of the present world. Be a witness to the glory of art, music and peace at our events.