Rockers Movement




1. having the ability to create

2. characterized by originality of thought, having or showing imagination

3. characterized by sophisticated bending of the

4. inventive, imaginative, innovative, originality



At Brooks Creative Agency all conformity to rules is left behind. Welcome to the world of possibility where success is our only option. You have a vision for your business, driven by the desire to bring together your products and service to the people who need it. You just can’t find the right words to translate your vision into a language shared by the people you wish to serve. We will form that bridge for you. We will work with you to develop the resource liberating force within your company. We live in a substance culture. If there’s no bedrock to what you’re saying, don’t talk. We create that something extra to intrigue the masses. We are here to take your grand vision and apply our proprietary system to produce a unique marketing proposition. This is called the “Brooks Touch”, where we create beautiful and innovative solutions. It’s a unique road map to take your business to the next level of value creation and profitability. We invite you to journey with us as we explore the frontline where tech and design are met.


We take a multi-faceted approach to increasing your brand’s visibility, leveraging your existing assets to secure brand positioning.

This will include:

● Identifying “who” your brand speaks loudest to

● Ensuring a consistent message across all your outreach channels

● Analyzing & dissecting your previous efforts to identify strong and weak points

● Create and execute a comprehensive marketing drive to gain maximum exposure for your brand.


So why should Brooks Creative Agency be your only choice? We are in this business for the long haul and we do not take shortcuts. We will go for the quick wins as part of our strategy but that’s not all. We know keeping your customers happy, will keep you happy and inturn will keep us happy too! We have our eyes over the horizon and always on the look out for changing trends. There is one constant though, We are always bending rules.


Strategy ~ Accountability ~ Hard Work ~ Collaboration


Our Approach

We work with our client’s hand-in-hand to deliver a complete marketing solution. We have completed a successful process and will support you in design, research, management, and creative content creation. As a result, our expert staff, analysts, and marketing consultants design functional plans that are efficient and result driven. We ensure excellence in execution and long-term success across diverse industries.


Our Accountability

Through research and analysis of a well thought out marketing strategy, we will identify your target market and develop a specific marketing plan. All tasks we complete will be recorded, tracked, and compared with analytical data. This will allow us, and the client to see what strategies are doing well and which need to be improved.


Our Experience

Since becoming a best-in-class creative agency, our client list includes a diverse range of companies. Our vision is to be a trusted internal and external partner to ensure the market strategies and programs are aligned with the goals of our clients. Our goal is to exceed client expectations, while conducting business with integrity, professionalism, and innovation.


Our Services

➢ Research, Analysis, and Marketing Plan

➢ Creative Management

➢ Corporate Identity

➢ Social Media and E-Marketing

➢ Communications Strategy

➢ Brand Analysis

➢ Operations and Strategy Management

➢ Product Development

➢ Internet Marketing

➢ Native Advertizing

➢ Interactive and Graphic Design

➢ Revenue Management

➢ Sponsored Content Creation


Promotional Marketing Strategies

➢ Contests

➢ Coupons

➢ Sampling: Retail and outdoors

➢ Street Marketing Events

➢ High Profile Events

➢ Guerrilla Marketing

➢ Customer Appreciation Events

➢ Distribution Blitz Programs

➢ Merchandising Support


Brand Management Agency

As your Brand Management Agency, we become an extension of your brand. As a client you would benefit from:

➢ Strategic Planning

➢ Product/Service Consulting

➢ Program Management

➢ Retail Coordination and Support

➢ Licensee Management

➢ PR and Marketing Coordination and support

➢ Sales Coordination and Support.


We are also great at:

● Researching & analyzing your target market to create your unique marketing plan that accentuates the unique selling point of your product or service

● Developing the creative to appeal to your target market & identifying the most efficient vehicle to deliver your message

● Engaging with your target audience via Social Media & using both traditional and modern marketing approaches

● Providing a full-service global brand management service using in-house talent and a single point of call, your Account Manager.