Jasmin: a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise. Loud and has a lot of spunk. Girls want to be her, and guys want to have her.

Karma: the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

We were always told to be good as karma comes back to us. Well over here at Rockers Movement we truly give thanks to the Most High JAH as it seems that we have been repaid seven times over with blessings. Karma has fallen upon us from the world down under in all its beauty and bliss. Welcome home the beautiful Aussie Jasmin Karma. The sultry beautiful artist that has been recently making waves in the music scene in South Florida. She is not just easy to listen to and look at, but soothing to the soul. Jasmin’s musical energy is pure and light filled. When you hear her voice, you feel the love deep in your soul. Her songs welcome an audience of all ages, singing a love song to the ocean, dancing to the rhythm of life and riding the peace train. She sings songs in English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Jasmin talks to you from a place of deep gratitude to Mother Earth life and the magic of music. An Australian National, Jasmin was informally trained growing up living and traveling with her parents, professional jazz/blues musicians. She has performed for sold out shows throughout Europe with Stephen Marley and is currently recording her debut album “Love Queen” with the “Ragga” himself who she has been busy penning a few songs with for his follow up album “The Fruit of Life” with.

Jasmin says: “Making people smile through music is a form of expression that brings me so much joy. I get real with my lyrics and share what’s truly going on in my life. Songwriting is an amazing emotional release and healing for me so I am always inspired to write.” Jasmin stays busy with her craft as she is truly talent defined and multi genre. Jasmin Karma previously declined offers to stay in Jamaica to record, wanting first to finish her university studies and graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and Conservation Sciences. Jasmin earned a degree studying Marine Biology and Conservation Sciences, and her deep passion for healing the Earth is expressed in her music. As she says: “Mother Earth, she is so smart. She has every way to support our every materialistic and comfort needs. Sun, wind, water, waves and plants. If only we could see how perfectly she supports us and gives that support for her. One day we will… I hold the candle of faith “. After completing university, Jasmin returned to the Caribbean coast of Central America, where she worked at a dolphin research station and began to regularly perform intimate solo acoustic sets in Costa Rica at the EZ~Times and the Jazz Café, and eventually returning to Jamaica to record original songs.

Jasmin’s diversity in styles is to be admired lending and air to World Beat, Reggae, EDM, Pop, Jazz and Alternative Rock. She says: “Life’s too short to live your days on anything other than a good vibe.” Jasmin Karma, The Love Queen, is also a designer, scriptwriter, actress, print and runway model. If Jack White is reading this tell him to please get at her for she is looking for him. With her captivating stage presence and international fan base, Jasmin will make her mark on the radio and dance floors sooner than later.

Jasmin’s mother had a big influence on the singer ­songwriter, teaching her, amongst many things, the art of meditation. “I thank my mum for opening my mind to meditation at the early age of 8 years, as it was an important step in my self discovery and helped me to find the path to living a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.”

Jasmin spends much of her life traveling, usually between Australia, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Miami. Her style of music has been greatly influenced by “mi casa,” as she calls it, in Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean Paradise of Costa Rica, where she spent seven years writing and performing. “Walaba” (Old Harbor) is a name given to Puerto Viejo, a beautiful place where the jungle meets the reef and Jasmin’s music reflects this lifestyle in the Caribbean.

True to her Australian roots, her music resonates with aspects of her native beachside home where, high up in the mountains and way out west, luscious rain forests and rich red earth abound. Jasmin’s music is a unique expression of her love light and with these lifestyle influences, her music alights your senses and takes you to that in between light filled place.

Check her out on September 26th at the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Art & Reason event. Your senses will be very pleased to take in this karmic sensation.