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The AFRIKIN Music experience features singers and players of instruments from various parts of the earth and provide a perspective on how different cultures occupying the same space and time, converge. The result of this combining of communities gives life to a new hybrid form of culture – embraced and shared for cultural convergence. This expansive approach allows for growth and forward movement of our music as a universal language, producer of joy, and instrument of peace – music sways the world.

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At our current events our music segment takes an approach similar to the NPR Tiny Desk performances where we strip artists down to the bare essentials, allowing for a true appreciation of how their craft and artistry speaks to us.  AFRIKIN, friends, is the new world music order.

Collectively we are offbeat with our creativity and thinking, but we are a rhythmic people, our spirits grounded with the pulse of African drumming. You will be enraptured by electrifying performances, thrilled by the talents of top-notch artists from the continent and the Diaspora.

To submit your group, artist, band, or content-related proposal for AFRIKIN Music, contact us at submission@afrikin.org.

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