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Launched in 1998, Reggae Carifest was principally initiated as a full day celebration of West Indian-Caribbean cultural awareness and consciousness as manifested here in the United States. Reggae Carifest was designed to cater to all genuine cultural expressions and aesthetics. It has been well received by persons of eclectic tastes who hail from all walks of life. Reggae Carifest continues to be an exhibition of vision for the arts, and for the creative expressions of the community.

Our goal is to present that which exist within the Caribbean community, combine them all together, and collaboratively celebrate them under one roof. Each Caribbean island has its own special flavor, which deserves exposure and recognition. This diversity then becomes a key factor in the success of attracting a large audience. This vision represents the embrace of change for the better, which honors the difference of these transitional years.

Reggae Carifest highlights New York’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. While the obvious audience of West Indians, Caribbean islanders would be expected to take an interest in this event; persons of non-Caribbean extraction, as well as visiting tourists from all continents would be very welcome. Reggae Carifest is committed to making the audience feel part of the whole concept of celebrating Caribbean diversity. The music and dance from paradise islands makes Reggae Carifest an Event of Ideal Appeal.