We Are Rockers is more than words. The Rockers Movement Creed embodies the Beliefs that unite us in thought and action. We motivate all to achieve the dream of a peaceful world, united in love of equity, justice, truth and knowledge.

Rockers Movement produces historic concerts to unite communities in an inspirational musical experience that transcends language and ideology. Our events are the hallmarks of the Rockers Shield. Global music has common humane themes because these parallel the global bond of Rockers Movement. Peace, Love and Unity driving us to be inspired long after the show has concluded. Rockers Movement events are communal touchstones to recharge our commitment to a global agenda of economic and ecological equity.

Rockers Movement is committed to raising awareness and sharing knowledge through the arts. The arts unite us creatively and economically to address the varied aspects of global challenges.

Ecological engineering and economics supplant the unsustainable methodologies that have brought about global warming, pollution, overflowing landfills, smog and tons of products that have no post consumer waste and are not recyclable. Culture drives the Rockers Movement Ethos and we make our mark on humanity by leaving no mark on the earth. Rockers Movement activities minimize our carbon footprint, keep recyclables out of landfills and in the value stream, put organic waste to work as compost, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, reconstitute all other materiel as we are the Change for which the World has been waiting.

Rockers Movement is people: you, me and our community, working toward a  world where food scarcity and economic disparity are not the common denominators in a global experience where there is more food than necessary yet millions of us perish starving daily. While the sun provides daily more than the equivalent of global annual energy consumption we still advocate nuclear and other environmentally polluting and unsustainable energy distribution. The science and historical evidence is clear: Energy is never created or destroyed; it  is continuously constant in the universe.

We Are Rockers. We constantly use music and the arts to nourish a Culture that embodies equity economically and ecologically. The Revolution of our Generation embracing this battlefield called life, spreading love and compassion, wisdom through rhythms.