Rockers Movement




ROCKERS Punky Reggae Sundays includes all the things you have come to love about Rockers Movement: feel good vibes, vegan eats, craft beers, joyful sounds, beautiful people inna style and fashion. Yes, connect with your tribe on a day of peace, love, unity and REGGAE in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Punky Reggae Sundays brings you back to the basement party where you dubbed and skanked; cousin Trevor’s backyard parties in Brooklyn and his perfect jerk, Bob Marley aroma of freedom in the air; Labor Day after-parties, the summer cool down to welcome a fall of love and unity.

Punky Reggae Sundays is all about that experience and more. Our DJ’s spin the cult classics of some good rub-a-dub, roots rock reggae, ska, punk, rocksteady, mento and all those old school tunes. The Selecta will wheel and rewind Dancehall classics from when the dance was literally in a hall. Vibe to the roots sounds, hang with the family or if you want to cool out and hold a meds, so as we continue our search for reality you are all welcome to this family friendly conscious party. At Punky Reggae Sundays, you can taste the diversity of the Caribbean with the delicious mouth watering authentic Caribbean vegan dishes and specialty craft beverages being offered. Here, we make no distinction between peas and rice or rice and peas. Everything Irie.

Music is the universal language of people and food and drink are the centerpiece of all new friendships. Speak the language and connect at Punky Reggae Sundays. Out of many, one people.

Punky Reggae Sundays: a fun filled day of Roots Rock Reggae includes a lineup of local and visiting international reggae artists, guest DJs as well as Dub sets by South Florida’s staple — Rockers Movement holding down the sounds.
The patio settings are the perfect vibe conjuring up the tropical feeling of the island… you’ll forget you’re in South Florida it will feel like you’re in the islands. Let us transport you to the islands in this tropical gathering Punky Reggae Sundays.

As brother Bob would say – It’s a Punky Reggae Party… in Northwood Village!