Rockers Movement


Benefits That Money Can’t Buy


WHAT ARE ROCKERS VOLUNTEERS? Our Rockers Volunteers work all over the festival grounds in various groups to support the festival staff, fans, sponsors, and artists to ensure that everyone at the Festival has an unforgettable, exciting, fun, and safe time. As a member of a group, you could be doing anything from helping set up the festival site, to keeping a watchful eye on various entry points, to helping us maintain a green site, or even simply putting on a smile and greeting everyone as they come and go throughout the event. It’s all up to you and what your personal interests are!

GENERAL INFORMATION: All Volunteers must completely fill out an Application. All Volunteers will be required to complete their shifts. After completing your shifts, you will turn your sheet into the Volunteer Coordinator, and you can enjoy the rest of the festival. If you do not complete the volunteer requirements you will be asked to leave and/or purchase a ticket. Volunteers must work a minimum of 4 hours, if you cannot commit, then do not apply. Volunteers who complete their hours will enjoy the benefits and know they ROCK.

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: You must be 18 years or older to apply to Volunteer. Must have a positive, hard-working mentality. Must have appropriate dress/shoes for the job you are assigned. Must be on time for every assigned shift (if not a little early.)

WHAT DO I GET IF I VOLUNTEER TO BE A ROCKER? All our Rockers Volunteers receive a free ticket to attend the festival whenever they’re not working, a t-shirt to show everyone that you are part of Rockers Movement, beverages for every shift that you work, and all sorts of other perks. Most importantly volunteers get the sense of being a huge part of something special, the experience of working at a major music festival, and playing a big part in everyone’s great time! Not to mention memories that will last a lifetime. Fill out the online application below. Once you have been accepted as a member of the Rockers Volunteers, you will receive a welcome letter with all the necessary info. Be sure to read through all of the information available. Remember YOU ROCK!

Our Primary objective is our Food Drive and Yoga Village. We appreciate as many as possible volunteers in these 2 areas. Thank you for supporting our initiatives and for ROCKING with US!