The arts and culture sector has proven to be an institution built to last. Rockers Movement is prepared and ready to continue to build this sector. Rockers Movement is bringing creative style and celebrity status to raise awareness to necessary causes. Creating a stage and ambiance in Miami that people will be comfortable in is our goal currently. We attempt to create a perfect dialog among disciplines of music, culture and philanthropy, bringing artisans and activists together to address social issues, policies, and the future of our way of living.

Rockers Movement is betting on the arts and culture for the next decade. We maintain the tradition of promoting the artist, players of instruments, and poets who have always lead the way forward. Rockers Movement represents belonging to the collective of perfect hearts, insightful, and different. As Carlos Santana said Music is an universal language. If we believe the principles of Woodstock, like Bob Marley’s “One Love”, Marvin Gaye’s “War is Not the Answer” or John Lennon’s “Imagine” we understand the gift of music is to invite people to a global consciousness unity with compassion, love and acceptance.

Rockers Movement has chosen no place better to call home than Miami, the gateway to the Caribbean and South America. A journey around Miami explores a city in a state of flux. Reflecting a struggle between a blossoming city and third world country (a diversity of worlds from the global southern hemisphere). With respect to the Global South, Rockers Movement recognized how modernity has been constructed in contemporary cultures in the representation of art, song and the players of instruments today. The narratives are directive and encourage a greater humanity.

Miami has become more than a transient trend. It is a synthesis of fashion, culture and ideas. What happens here is important. We have begun new rituals, new gatherings, and new centers. Each of us has played a part in this performance and participation in change. We are all aiming to incite our communities with extravagant and glamorous undertakings making Miami a city a la mode, a city of rapidly changing ideas and unifying world views. Rockers Movement is obsessed with leading this tradition and cementing its mark on the world. In a city with a very young non-traditional history but strong cultural heritages through diversity Rockers Movement’s identity of ‘Oneness’ is unmistakably bold and unique.

Rockers Movement events highlight and invite people of character. At any one of their events you witness the exuberant face of the new millennium. The amalgamation of the different cultural influences shows just how colorful life is by observing the artisans, performing artists, attendees and vendors at events.