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Rockers Movement is proud to partner with V Art of Wellness for our wellness, health and fitness facet of our community. V Art of Wellness is a Five-Star holistic fitness/wellness brand brought to you by celebrated visionaries Tracie and Christopher Vlaun.

V Art of Wellness creates luxury holistic fitness venues that harness the natural elements of the beautiful beach front location of leading brands in hospitality. Unforgettable tranquil yogic experiences, cutting edge hybrid outdoor beach fitness programs, and wellness methods that nourish the mind, body and soul are among their daily offerings.

Exercising is the best way to keep fit and healthy. One enjoys feeling strong and energized. They like the way their body looks out when they follow a strict workout regime. But, despite the innumerable benefits that the workout has to provide, there are days when one simply doesn’t feel like working out. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with laziness or associated with any sickness of sort. All this is needed is to keep oneself motivated to workout especially on those days when one should workout but they generally turn off their alarm and go back to sleep, or bypass the gym on their drive home from work.

Let us have a look at some of the tips that keep you motivated.

  • It is imperative that one visualizes what they would feel after the workout. Sometimes, just thinking of the positive after effects of a workout is enough to get one going. For instance, the feeling of invigoration, accomplishment and clear mindedness are quite motivating. One feels proud of themselves if they decide to workout even if they didn’t feel like.
  • Also, one should remind themselves every now and then that why it is important for them to workout and what is their reason to workout. In the modern fast-paced world, it is simply an outlet for stress release. If you want to live an active lifestyle, it is vital that you are fit and fine. One needs to remember the reason why they had planned to workout.
  • Another way to get yourself motivated is to change in and out of their workout clothes since it has been found that most of the people find it the biggest barrier to having do so. Take this monumental leap by picking out a cut and fun or new exercise outfit so that you feel more inclined to go ahead with your workout.
  • We usually tend to skip exercise because we don’t want and do not have time to do the thing entirely. For instance, the fifteen minute walk is always better than the one hour walk that one never did. Similarly, if someone is unable to devote time to the entire workout, they can at least go for exercising for some time.
  • One can also choose playing their favorite songs. The songs have the power to transform the lethargy into get-up and go attitude.

The V EXPERIENCE continues to reinvigorate the whole mind, body and spirit allowing many to adopt a healthier lifestyle, reduce stress, achieve weight loss while feeling alive! Their core values are innovation, passion, luxury and uncompromising service hence why you can understand us partenring with them for our wellness facet. Living a healthy and fabulous life is the mission here.