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Akae Beka | Sun Star Moon Roots

Summary: The celebrations commemorating the Nelson Mandela Day will feature several international music acts. The headliner will be reggae band Akae Beka Sun Star Moon Roots Reggae, which features Vaughn Benjamin lead singer from Midnite.

Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18, 2015, will feature a day earlier concert on the 17th with the renowned reggae band Akae Beka from Virgin Islands. Besides, Colorado-based hip-hop act The ReMINDers and DJ Milky Dubz are also performing with an exclusive dub session by Rockers Movement. Vaughn Benjamin, the vocalist for Akae Beka, has expressed his gratitude for being invited to this event since he has idolized Nelson Mandela right from his childhood. Most of the other acts are very excited regarding the celebrations. According to a certain artiste, Nelson Mandela day is a call to all the advocates of war and violence to reform their ways and follow the footsteps of Madiba, the great leader.

Motto of the concert

The primary agenda for this concert is raising money for funding peace missions in the impoverished African nations and promoting the need for child education. The artistes are performing in the Nelson Mandela International Day without any remuneration. According to the organizers of the concert, the artistes have proactively participated in the event without hesitation. Moreover, the sponsors are pouring in because the events are related to the birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela. Hence, you can understand that the love for Nelson Mandela is not just confined to South Africa, but people from every part of the world respect the great leader.

Success of the event

According to an estimate, the Nelson Mandela International Day, Denver 2015 is going to be one of the greatest fundraising events of all time. The people of change are enthusiastically waiting for the concert with great zeal. The headliner for the event, the performance of reggae band Akae Beka has added to the enthusiasm of music lovers across United States and the rest of the world. Music lovers and peace missionaries from far off places have already started to reach Denver in hordes. The reggae band Akae Beka has a very strong fan base in the United States of America. Hence, the success of the event is certain.

 Other important events

The main fundraising concert will accompany other events that will include a poetry edition among eminent poets and verse writers. The event will also feature a live art painting demonstration. Eminent painters from across the globe will grace the Nelson Mandela Day celebrations. Many Nobel Laureates from different fields of excellence will attend the celebrations. The message of the celebrations is loud and clear to reach every corner of the world that says peace is the harbinger of development and happiness. You have to instill the vision of the great Madiba for a beautiful future that will be free from social evils. Rockers Movement and Inity Weekly support the ideology of the great leader. Rockers Movement intends to enhance the quality of life of people around the world who are living at the mercy of poverty.