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The Reason

As we move forward, we begin a new element to producing and presenting creative work, as needs increase at home and abroad. Countries and cultures amass daily more stress and inhumane conditions. Because of you, our audience, Rockers give hope to those in desperate need. You do something bold each time, you join us in support. Your generosity extends a hand of hope to those whose lives are touched by donations and consideration. Our sincere thanks to those who have so thoughtfully provided their ongoing gift of support and understanding your aid in leaving a legacy of love to last for generations.

Zero Waste


Rockers Movement is making a key effort in diverting organic materials from landfills or incinerators and protecting human health and our land, air, and water! Rockers Movement to ensure proper signage on all receptacles, host a series of composting workshops throughout the day, and have merchandise for sale and information to distribute. In conclusion, studies indicate there are tremendous opportunities to not only do what is right for society and the environment, but also for a company’s finances. It is becoming apparent that being “green” is becoming increasingly important to not only visitors, but staff and partner corporations, especially multi-national corporations looking to “green” their image for the public.

❖ Join Rockers Movement in announcing its goal to capture, recycle and redistribute all waste generated at this year’s festival!

❖ Zero Waste is a philosophy that fully implements the Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle model to prevent trash from going to landfills and/ or incinerators

The Reunion

Launched in New York in 1998 and expanded to South Florida in 2010. A quality of life concept to make culture accessible for the enjoyment of all and to enable increased participation and opportunities. The daylong family-oriented festivals are composed of many elements but all share in a single idea of peace, love, unity and tolerance for mankind.  People want to help and to be instrumental in rebuilding their communities. Our festivals consist of a celebration of cultural awareness and social consciousness.

The Goal

The festivals aim to inspire people to give of themselves to help make the world a better place in which to live. We contribute to local distinctiveness and boost the local economy by building the existing cultural tourism offer and raising the aspirations of the local communities.

The Setting

Held primarily in Miami with the average high temperature of 79 degrees, our festivals, just steps away from the Caribbean is the ultimate destination festival. Miami Festival goers enjoy regional and national music acts with their toes in the grass under the trees in the park.

The Highlights

Our Festivals are Zero Waste 100% eco-friendly and family-oriented fun filled day of social consciousness, community and environmental awareness that showcase our focus on environmental sustainability with urgent humanitarian efforts. Keeping in the spirit of unity, attendees are asked to contribute two or more non-perishable food items as part of the cost of admission. Families will be able to enjoy live performances of artists from diverse parts of the world reflective of our landscape, an artisan village of fine arts and visual arts, a food village, yoga demonstrations, bike valet, social consciousness workshops, Ecology Experience that includes recycling workshops with interactive and educational games for kids about recycling, reusing and reducing, live art, networking platform for green enthusiasts and environmental non-profits to present and promote their mission and more.