Rockers Movement


Connecting Artistry With
Social Transformation


in association with the Caribbean Studies Association present:

Art & Reason



The 2015 Art & Reason symposium at the Museum of Contemporary Art connected literature and art with social transformation by showcasing a vetted selection of works by independent artists. Beijing Booster: The Art of Peter Wayne Lewis. A symposium focusing on the impact of artistry on social change, with keynote speakers: Vaughn “Akae Beka” Benjamin lead singer of Midnite, Professor Carole Boyce Davies, attorney & author Lloyd Stanbury, Professor Bryan Mcfarlane and community activist Julie Mansfield. We had performances by the Peter London Global Dance Company and Tribu Na’al Gonah Tribal Dancers. A Drum Circle welcomed the Harvest Moon and spoken word segment by the Viking Freedom Writers of Norland Senior High School of Miami Gardens. The night was brought full circle with Music by Jahfe, Jasmin Karma, Selector Iscious, Michael Jackson Tribute, Reggae Opera and a dub session by Rockers Movement. We showcased the works of Textiles & Alchemy and jewelry by Chatoyance.

Literature and art are two of the most pervasive mediums in conveying the thoughts and aspirations of the human spirit, be it a contemporary work of fiction or a historical artifact. The contributions made by writers, artists, poets, actors, musicians, and those in the field of aiding in the development of human endeavor have used these forms of art to be the mirrored bridge, which leads us answering how the relationship helps, with dignity, protest, self-respect and self-esteem. With these shared ideas of communal self-esteem in mind, we here at Rockers Movement, thanks all those that were a part of Art & Reason, a presentation of Caribbean, African, Latin American art of the Diaspora, Art & Reason is part and parcel of the city and community’s participation.

The focus of Art & Reason is to expose the community to varying forms of art that represents us all within our community bringing together of international, local artistes to make a festival of self-awareness through the arts. The continuing feature of Art and Reason will be included to help enrich the forum of social engagement. As human beings, we owe it to our ancestors to salvage the future of our children. Maybe we are fortunate that one of the key ingredients essential to human progression is in question, through enquiry comes discovery and through discovery order. Thus it is important in a world where we are all increasingly interdependent on one another, that love is not lost. If it dies, most of humanity goes with it, thus it is essential for our global civilization to realize where we are coming from in terms of historical accuracy in order for us to determine where we are going. A people without an understanding of their past has no future!

Reflecting on the power of the arts; during the worst years of repression when all avenues of legitimate process were closed by legislation. It was the arts that articulated the plight and the democratic aspirations of our people. This affirmation was demonstrated through the arts that defied the silence that oppressors sought to impose. The arts capture the essence of why you are here reading this. We believe that you remain a critical voice as we grow as a global community to break barriers towards a better world.

Art captures courage, it is more than being just brave enough to challenge the status quo but liberated to speak without words for those that have lost their voice. Following the path of the heart where the thirst for freedom for all humanity, love, justice, peace, tolerance and beauty lie in conversation pieces. Sometimes it takes more love than we think we have. Forget not that we are rivers of unending love and hope highlighted each moment through the arts.