If you can dream of a better world, you can make it happen.

As we celebrate the Independence of America, which occurred between July 2, 1776 and August 2, 1776, on July 4, we can reflect on our role in the world.

Humans tend to rationalize that we are the de facto authority on our planet and we have innumerous debates as our road to that responsibility, birthright, and burden.

If we are dreaming of a “better world” what criteria are the benchmarks for improvement? More technology? Less technology? Better technology?  Sometimes in our modern discourse “technology” tend to be electronic devices that impact our communications with others on the planet. The wheel, in it’s almost obvious pure form is a remarkable technology hence the phrase “Why reinvent the wheel?” The real question is, when the wheel was invented, why did that happen?

Was it a curious fascination with cycles as seen in nature? Shapes of prominent objects like the sun and the moon in this circular shape? Was the shape itself powerful? Did it embody power? Was it useful? Spiritual? Was it economically advantageous? In our modern parlance, can anything relying on energies beyond electricity really be technology?

These broad and divergent questions are being asked by  Rockers Movement  as we look at the world not at the dawn of time or in that fabled year of 1776, but right now, today.

A better world in our vision is a world without “poor”, “hungry” humans. There is no “Third World” except for a category in the abstract to define a set of human conditions. There’s only one planet, a singular humanity, one reality.

Let’s embrace a wider vision of life beyond our world, how would they see us? When they look and see the disparity, inequality and the injustice over equitable use of knowledge in the limited span we are alive, surviving daily.

Rockers Movement challenges you to think if a world without hunger and poverty is a world you think is better than what we all know today. A world where the fruits of intensive hard sought research can transform the lives of us all. A world where sustainability, ecological economics and environmentalism are embedded and not embattled with the decisions of our human leaders on every level on all scales, especially on the scale that matters most: The Balance of Life.

We are  Rockers Movement : We produce concerts to motivate all humans to achieve the dream of a peaceful world, united in love of equity, justice, truth and knowledge. If you can dream that world, together, we can make it happen. We Are Rockers. Are you?