The Vision of a Philanthropist 

Summary: Nelson Mandela was an avid proponent of world peace. He propagated the vision of eradicating poverty, racism and injustice to bring everlasting peace in the world.

World peace has always been the dream and vision of eminent world leaders and humanitarians. Possibly, the greatest proponent of global peace in the last 30 years was Nelson Mandela. He fought a lone battle against racism and injustice in South Africa. He was jailed for 27 years for his fight against Apartheid. He had the vision of a democratically free South Africa. He achieved his dream at the cost of his own freedom. He was not only fighting for his native country, but he had the vision of prevailing peace all over the world. He gave global peace a new meaning.

Stand up for peace

Keeping the deteriorating conditions of the poor nations struck by terrorism in consideration, you have to stand up against terror. The message of peace has to be spread to every nook and corner of the world. Peace and development in a few countries cannot change the whole world. The developed countries of the world have to help the poor and underdeveloped nations to deal with their problems and participate in par with the developed nations. The prevailing violence in many countries is hindering their progress. The only solution to all these problems is lasting peace in every part of the globe.

Eradication of poverty

Poverty is the greatest curse on mankind. Prevailing poverty is pushing bright young men and women into the threshold of terrorism and other illicit trades. The terrorist organizations are taking ample advantage of the poverty of underdeveloped nations. You can often come across news of educated youth falling prey to terrorism due to lack of job opportunities. They resort to terrorist activities in the hope of earning and sustaining a livelihood. Due to continuing violence in certain countries, the governments fail to provide jobs to the youth of the country. The governments of such countries spend huge funds on their militaries, thus neglecting other aspects of development. Rockers Movement supports the educational missions and works toward the betterment of the world.

Disadvantages of arms race

Since the end of the World War II, there has been a race among the progressed countries to develop nuclear weapons to prove their supremacy. Nelson Mandela was bitterly against this concept of power mongering. He was a great proponent of Nuclear Disarmament and served as the Secretary General of Non-Aligned Movement in 1998 and 1999. He also advocated that the funds spent on developing arms should be utilized on peace missions across the world. Terrorists thrive on the manufacture of arms and ammunitions. Limitation on the production of arms may restrict the growth of armed militancy to a great extent.